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NOTE: Bloomberg Core Data Portal is now deprecated as of June 1st!

Mutual Funds Users: OpenFIGI.com is now live! Click here to experience the new and improved Funds Request Platform. It offers a single-page submission form and the ability to share submissions across multiple users within a single username. It also offers other benefits including a search engine of all instruments in the world with FIGI identifiers and an API for mapping from third-party identifiers to FIGI's. For questions, email us at gfunds@bloomberg.net.

Mapping Service Users: OpenFIGI.com is now live! Available on our new site is the OpenFIGI API, which allows mapping from third-party identifiers to FIGIs. Utilize this API without an account, or sign up and request an API key to avoid any generic rate-limiting. Please be sure to make the necessary changes to your workflow to ensure a smooth transition to greater search functionality, enhanced mapping capabilities, up to date news and blogs, and a brand new request service, and more.

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